Dancing Girl Press (Chicago, 2018)


'The story of Sheila and her slow-burning emancipation is a performance score. Marcel is violent. Ava is tender and flippant. The chorus reads the news and speaks the jazz tongue. Sheila needs to cross.'

Selected Work 


two poems, Experiencing the Radical Body, A Glimpse Of, print (preview

it is pure gold…, A Glimpse Of

Correspondences, with Juliette Defrance, HVTN 4.2

On Complicity, Cha Cha & Your Mouth, with Livia Franchini, Hotel #4

When more than one daughter…, Hotdog magazine issue 3

two poems translated into Russian by Maya Malinovskaja on Literratura 

Tejas Verdes, Birkbeck Blogs 


Bambino, Beacon Quarterly                                                 

Inventory, Orlando                                                                                      

Spiaggia finta in baracche a Camden, Colla n. 23                                       

Lavorare stanca, Abbiamo le prove                                                            

La Sognatrice, Nuovi Argomenti n. 72   


'Duck-Egg Blues' in Uncolonized, Zeno Press 2019

'Bruno Dumont Poem' and 'God of Girls' in Europoe - An anthology of 21st century innovative European poetry, Kingston House Press 2019

'Dragon Piece' in Wretched Strangers, Boiler House Press 2017

'La Sugna' in Quello che hai amato, UTET 2015

FICTION & NONFICTION TRANSLATIONS                                                                   Italian into English                                                                                                

La Straniera by Claudia Durastanti, La Nave di Teseo 2019 (excerpt)                    

Il corpo emotivo by Paolo Gervasi; forthcoming                                                  

English into Italian                                                                                              

The Extinction Trials: Exile by S.M. Wilson; forthcoming


Bucharest International Poetry Festival 

LADA Presents: Readings from the Pulpit with Serena Braida

European Poetry Festival (London, Manchester, Vienna, Canterbury, Dublin)

FILL: Festival of Italian Literature in London, Coronet Theatre

FILL: Festival of Italian Literature in London launch party 2018 & 2019

Goldsmiths LitLive, DIY Space for London

European Poetry Festival (London), with Patrick Savolainen  
One of Hair, with Frieda Paris, Vienna Camarade
Mishearings, art book and performance, with Iris Colomb
Scritch, limited edition pamphlet with Vera Chok and Gloria Sanders 

TALKS                                                                                                               ugly : beautiful, ArtBLAB, The Poetry Society, artist talk + performance, Poetry Cafe


Current member of choral collective Musarc

Tara Minton album launch, Elgar Room, Royal Albert Hall 

 Alto (2009-2013), Vocale Antiquum sacred music ensemble, S. Giovanni a Porta Latina, Rome


STAGE                                                                                                                                                   Londoner, EUROPEAN FREAKS, Voila! European Poetry Festival, Stereo Akt, dir. Martin Boross

Soloist/chorus, MUSCOVADO by Matilda Ibini, BurntOut Theatre, dir. Clemmie Reynolds  

Chorus, ORPHEUS AND EURYDICE, Platform Theatre, English Pocket Opera Company, dir. Mark Tinkler

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